All photos taken by me.


A local realtor hired me to do her annual calendar that she sends out at the holidays. Image and Royal LePage logo provided.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator

Completed: Mar 2016



A local farm needed some marketing material to advertise their summer veggie program and I was hired to design and put it together for them.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator

Completed: Mar 2016

Back front


My dad is one of my bands biggest fans and loves music and lyrics so much that I decided to make him a book of our lyrics a few years back. He loved it and requested I print him another. I decided I would do one new updated one from scratch since I had learned more about this type of thing while in school. I’m sure I’ll make him a new one every few years, here are screen shots of a few pages.

Programs used: Adobe Indesign, Blub

Completed: Nov 2015



What started as a school project quickly turned into a hobby. We had to make a zine on any topic that interested up so I chose the Winnipeg punk and hardcore music scene. I did some interviews and reviews on local bands and plan to move forward with this project when time allows! Check out the digital publications here.

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign

Completed: Ongoing